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Now they will either fulfill their family legacy and save the world, or they'll unleash horrendous evil upon it According to prophecy, a woman with the power to restore Julian's humanity will enter his life when the need for his transformation is greatest. As a mortal, Julian will continue his fight against the evil ones in both daylight and darkness, fulfilling The Whitcombe Legacy. After Hurricane Katrina all but destroys New Orleans and evil vampires are wreaking havoc on helpless victims, Simone LeClerc turns up on Julian's doorstep.

He knows she's the woman destined to make him human again.

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All he has to do is make her fall in love with him-and make her willing to offer her life in exchange for his. Six weeks after hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans, Simone LeClerc is frantically searching for her missing stepsister.

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There, Simone also meets the vampire Julian, and finds herself falling in love with him. Personal dreams picked a really bad time to come true. If they survived, when they survived those dreams could be fulfilled — for now he had a love to save and a legacy to complete. The Vampire Jonah brings the Witcombe Legacy to a satisfying close. If I wanted a little more of some things — that is on me, not the author. Morris told a wonderful tale of three vampire brothers that captivated, entertained and delighted me. And in the end, what more can I honestly ask for.

If you are a paranormal lover, if the fight between good and evil is your preferred reading material then The Vampire Jonah is perfect for you. While I believe anyone can enjoy these stories separately, I would have to suggest to read them in order because in some ways each book builds on the previous stories. I would happily recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance or any kind of romance novel. That does not change what I think of this novel.

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Jun 14, Carmella Siciliano rated it liked it. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion. This is a third book about the Whitcombe brothers. This story is Jonah's story.

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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Bad things are happening around the country. Helen's is brewing in Washington state. Along with the devastation comes the evil deep level vampires who want to kill all humans. This is what the Whitcombe brothers fight against. Chemi-Plas or Double B as they call it is a synthetic blood. Though the current situation has been explained to Angela, there is no way she can truly understand it She has decided to stay a couple of days and is invited out to Jonah's club to watch him perform.

There is definitely an attraction between them and they find themselves thinking of the other more and more. This has been brought to the attention of Zurik, an evil vampire. Jonah is now concerned for Angela's safety. Can Jonah do what needs to be done and protect Angela? Will their personal aspirations ever come about?

I have to say that this wasn't my favorite book out of the 3.

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It felt like some parts were hurried over. She's a good and caring person, even helping Jerome when he was a jerk.

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The book was really good. It was a perfect follow-up to the first book. I'm really looking forward to the third installment of this series. Apr 11, Mary Mattson rated it it was ok. Well this book was better than the first book. She has contracted an illness and Julian's brother Jerome has offered to take care of her while she sees a specialist in San Francisco.

Of course there are evil vampires just waiting for an earthquake to take advantage of all the helpless humans. Jerome loves being a vampire is sorta a man whore, with a diffe Well this book was better than the first book. Jerome loves being a vampire is sorta a man whore, with a different woman every night. Even when he is attracted to Thea.

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He loves the decadent lifestyle. The one line I found funny was when he was as mad as a man-eating snake. I really I don't like leaving bad reviews. I wish I could do better. I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley for an honest review. Oct 02, Debra rated it it was amazing. This is the second book of the trilogy.

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I enjoyed it very much. Jerome and Dottie were a perfect pair. I loved them both. Can't wait until Jonah's book comes out. Other books in the series.