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Golden Nuggets of Cyber Insecurity feat. Keith Daniels. S2 E42 - Without Fail, Elevate feat. Mark Metry is a 21 year old entrepreneur who founded Vu Dream and runs a top podcast called the Humans 2. Marketing Intern Spotlight 19 - Gabe Malinski.

Gabe graduated from University of St. Thomas with us back in May and came on the podcast to discuss. Thomas fountain, the man has stories! Golden Nuggets of Getting Twisted feat. Dot's Pretzels. Sometimes great, other times YUCK. S2 E41 - Cyber Insecurity feat. Keith Daniels is a lawyer and an entrepreneur working in Cyber Security. Find out the progression of cyber security and what's in store for the future.

Making it to the back-end for out worldly renowned segments including the average quality, what did we learn, and a feel good story. This week also includes a Thanksgiving theme with Andrew, Declan, and Sam talking giving thanks. Marketing Intern Spotlight 18 - Sam Schuneman. We hired an intern. A real one. A full blown producer, Senior Marketing Intern. Gino Giovannelli. As a consultant in marketing, he taught hotels how to optimize digital platforms. He wrote a book called Winning on the Web.

During all of these experiences, he learned he loved to teach. In digital, there is a constant feeling of going to bed smart and waking up dumb. Everything is changing and evolving rapidly. Hosting an event centered as such brings out this notion of community. This community has the potential to become your core. Break the mold with a unique party. One of the most memorable experience for not only himself but for all of those involved.

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S2 E40 - Getting Twisted feat. Dot had a 30 year career in finance and was retired before she started making pretzels as a hobby for family and friends. The hobby turned into a business and now that business sells pretzels in 46 of the 50 states. Stick around for the backend when we break down Movember, our average qualities of promoting ourselves, what we learned this week, and wrapping it up on a positive note with a feel good story.

Marketing Intern Spotlight 17 - Annie Vitale. She is the reason we have brand awareness. Annie turned our logo from below average to above average about a year ago. She provided an unbelievable amount of value to us and we are forever indebted to her.

Extreme Team #7, Wild Ride

Thomas, her transition to grad school, and her unbelievable dedication to the BP. Through injury, Josh has played more of a management role the past few years. Transitions are hard.

Staying true to the simple things is what motivates the pass to move forward. If your average quality is scheduling, then find a morning kick starter. Josh struggles with formal planning, yet he is balanced when it comes to getting stuff done.

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This starts with a morning push-up routine to get the blood flowing. Caps it off with a cup of coffee and the Star Tribune. Andrew learned right angles in a corporate setting are every where and it is kind of sad. Nature does not contain right angles, and corporates life is built on right angles. The symbolize of a potluck dinner is bringing value to everything presented. Be a guest at a potluck dinner all the time.

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Gino Giovanelli is a digital marketing professor at the University of St. We discuss his journey from being an engineering student at Bucknell, to becoming a professor in marketing. We also discuss the concepts he teaches in his class and how you can make yourself a stronger candidate when applying for jobs. Also, he met his wife studying abroad in Italy.

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How sweet is that? We may pronounce his name wrong in a brutal fashion, but we had an awesome time interviewing him! The good, the bad, and the unexpected! Please take this 5 minute survey. Marketing Intern Spotlight 16 - Jeremy Molina. The grittiest position in football is featured on this MIS episode. Jeremy Molina was a fullback for the University of St.

Thomas for 4 years, and a damn good one too. Enjoy our conversation with our favorite snickers bar looking guest. Check out more content from us here: www. Golden Nuggets of Brewing Practicality feat. Mike Schwandt. Bauhaus is loosely translated with the core concept of practicality. Mike and his family have cultivated this belief into their daily lifestyle.

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Embrace the boomerangs and reap the benefits! He may be one of the few people that actually loves cleaning lakes, and that made for a fantastic interview. A true hero to homeowners on Lake Minnetonka, Josh provides an affordable and safe option for weed removal.

Tune in and hear some of his tricks to having such a positive mindset in this industry, such as doing push ups every morning. Are you a lake house owner and looking for a safer and more affordable alternative to cleaning up your shoreline? Get in contact with Josh and set up and appointment on his website. Marketing Intern Spotlight 15 - Austin Dummer. Golden Nuggets of The Energized Butterfly feat. Brandon Poliszuk. A listener. It is that simple. Every listener of The Backpocket Podcast is a marketing intern.

Put it on your resume, and witness the waterfall effect before your eyes! From now until the end of time, be a marketing intern. Want to become global? Complete three to four significant things in a day. You will have a mansion in 10 years, an empire in 20 years, and a entire city in 30 years. Understand the roots of family heritage, mindset, intention and use it as motivation.

S2 E37 - Brewing Practicality feat. Mike Schwandt of Bauhaus Brew Labs. Mike Schwandt is one of the founding members of the Bauhaus Brew Lab family. They have the goal of making German Style Beer practical and fun. We talk about the creation of BauHaus Brew Labs and how they compete against the other craft beer companies that have been popping up everywhere recently. We also dive DEEP into the mind of Mike, who give us a quick lesson on meditation, being a student to life, and his entrepreneurial spirit. He successfully balances being a Father, the co-founder of BauHaus, working full time for Fallon, and plays in a local band.

How does he have time for all of that? Tune in to find out! Need somewhere to store your holiday knickknacks and decorations? Holiday Storage Boxes has you covered. Marketing Intern Spotlight 14 - Austin Harrington. We talk about his journey to becoming a golf professional and his dream to owning a golf course.