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I haven't finished reading it, so I can't be totally sure how much it will help. But I think it gives good guidelines and tips so far.

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It gives examples showing how to make test automate for embedded software development, including automated or partially automated hardware tests. This is what attract me to read it. Learn more. Module testing of real-time embedded system Ask Question.

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Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 6 years, 1 month ago. Viewed times. Sandip Gangakhedkar. Sandip Gangakhedkar Sandip Gangakhedkar 6 6 bronze badges. Assuming that you're testing the code at a module level file, class, small set of functions, whatever , the fact that it's an embedded system doesn't matter. Get a test framework that runs on either your target hardware using e.

Automation beyond Testing and Embedded System Validation - Jan Luebbe, Pengutronix

Some frameworks are listed here: stackoverflow. Let me clarify what I meant by module: I was referring to a collection of asynchronous threads running simultaneously. These loosely correspond to an OSI Layer[1]. So my test environment needs to consist, at the minimum, of a test process with its own stack, msg handler and timing mechanism. If you don't learn anything when testing your product, you have wasted your effort, money, and competitive opportunity. And of course, the first corollary: Apply what you have learned to better your test.

Chapter six, the middle, presents an extensive catalog of approaches to accomplish this philosophy.

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Anyone with more than a passing acquaintance of test will find familiar themes explored here, yet even the most seasoned veteran will find new perspectives. To borrow a line from Peanuts resident psychiatrist Lucy VanPelt, "If we can find out what your approach is, we can label it! Early chapters examine objectives of the test, forming a bridge to the approaches. The wrap up chapters delve into specific topics that allow test activities to return value to the organization. It is worthwhile to note that "product" is a wide ranging term.

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The authors have learned their craft in industries where the imperative to "get it right" can literally be a life-and-death proposition. But the philosophy and techniques presented are equally applicable over most any product on which your business life depends.

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The only thing lacking in this book is a glossary of the many terms and perhaps some in-depth references for further study. The authors are building a 'dictionary of test' at their web site, Value Transformations. A recent LinkedIn discussion posed the question "How do I develop a test program to meet and comfortably exceed specification X?

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Quigley is a long time colleague and friend. Kim, an acquaintance through Jon "Quig" used to bring me his work for review, or as he put it, "bleed all over this. Now as always, the master becomes the student.