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Soon other colour s of tabards became available - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple each unit choosing which colour to have, with everyone in the unit having the same colour.

What Does The Bible Say About Rainbows? A Christian Study

Having the same style of badge as the other sections was popular, but there was disappointment that that badge did not actually feature a Rainbow, or anything which seemed to represent rainbows - so an arch-shaped badge in Rainbow colours was produced to sew above the Promise badge. Then a more formalised programme was brought in. Roundabouts were introduced with generic Roundabout badges, the 'pot of gold' for those going 'over the Rainbow to Brownies', and Olivia, a mascot to guide Rainbows through their Rainbow career.

Rainbow uniform changed too - a polo shirt, jacket and trousers were brought in, in scarlet and grey-blue - and tabards became rarer, and only available in red or purple, though some units do still opt to wear them. Rainbows celebrated their 21st birthday in with all sorts of 'coming of age' events, including a special sunflower growing challenge, and during Guiding's centenary, Rainbows were involved in lots of activities, including special zoo visits, an d their 'Princess Parties' in various special venues where they got to dress up and enjoy all sorts of regal activities.

With the new uniform, a new Promise badge was introduced, in metal, with a pale blue background to match the uniform tops - initially with the older trefoil logo which are comparatively rare and soon with the current trefoil design.

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Rainbows were encouraged to sew any badges they gain onto the polo shirt or tabard above the hem - some gain enough to cover the whole of the front! A special new Roundabout was introduced too, to mark the special birthday. In new Roundabout badges were introduced, so instead of the Generic Roundabout badges which were the same apart from the coloured edges, specific badges were introduced for each Roundabout.

In Rainbows celebrated their 30th Birthday with a range of local events.

The Promise

Countries and regions each created their own challenges and celebration events, such as Scotland's Mermaid challenge. In July a new Rainbow programme was launched, with a 1-year transition period.

It sees Roundabouts replaced by a programme which runs through all the Guiding sections. And there is also a high award to work for - Rainbow Gold Award. Grow things and take nature walks Blue Bob scripture - Read a bible story, learn a simple hymn or prayer Yellow Bob bright bunny - Tidy clothes, care for teeth, nails, hair, tie shoelaces or buckles Pink Bob busy bunny - Help mummy - tidy toys, clear table, care for books, tidy bedroom, help others.

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Noah: A Promise Beyond the Rainbow

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