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Mass Market Paperback. Seller Inventory M Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Love Spell. Seller Inventory NEW Ships with Tracking Number! She wondered what was keeping him. It was probably business about his bloodline. It had been weighing on his mind recently, stealing his passion and leaving her feeling as though they were drifting apart. She turned another page. A love spell. She flicked past it and raised her brows.

A lust spell. She remembered that her mother had already been with her father before she had developed the ability to use magic. Her eyes scanned the symbols and words on the page. Had they used this? Another two pages passed her by without her paying them much attention and then she stopped. Love slave? Her playful smile became a grin.


It would be fun to have a love slave. After all, it was her Death Day. She glanced at the door, now thankful that Valentine was taking his time. He was probably talking to Venturi.

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They looked good side by side, her two loves. Valentine was growing used to the fact that while she loved him, a part of her also loved Venturi. When Venturi had arrived with some of his high guard, including Piotr, Valentine had encouraged her to greet them.

She had. Had he thought she would kiss him? If Valentine was alright with it, then she would happily kiss Venturi. Her eyes focused on the page again and she frowned at the sense of longing and need inside of her. Her thoughts had stirred desire and it burned through her. A love slave. Her glance shifted to the door and she made her decision. Standing, she took the book with her and clearly spoke the words.

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The stone in her amulet glowed brightly, fine purple threads of magic winding themselves around her fingers and symbols surfacing in the depths. She pressed her palm against the door, so the stone was touching it, and closed her eyes before saying the final word.

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She reopened them when magic shot through her and watched it spread over the doorway like a barrier. The symbols appeared on the light green translucent wall of magic and then the whole thing faded until she could no longer see it. Going back to the desk, she placed the book down and waited. As soon as Valentine walked through the door, and the invisible barrier, the spell would be cast on him. She straightened out her appearance and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

The first command she was going to give him was to relax. If the spell took his mind off his work for a night, then she was willing to face his anger. There was a step in the hall, swift and confident. She stood, her stomach hot with expectation. The footsteps ceased, but more joined them. She frowned when the door opened and Valentine walked in. The green barrier shimmered into being for a moment as he passed through it and the smile that had been about to grace her lips when he looked stunned was replaced by her own look of shock.

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Venturi had followed him. She bolted to the door as he cleared the barrier and her eyes widened when she saw more people in the hall. Her fingers flicked the lock and her heavy breathing cut the dreadful silence. There were muffled voices in the hall. A knock.

An amused laugh rang through the door. We would have had fun, without the need for a spell. Heinrich Kramer wrote within his book that, "All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which in women is insatiable. They associated it with the devil, making witches out to be sexual partners with demons. Kramer makes the case that a witch received her powers by inviting the devil to enter into carnal relations. Through her sexuality she gains her power, and thus her sexuality is seen as evil and something to be feared.

In many of the witchcraft accusations brought before the Holy Office in the Roman Inquisition, men accused women of binding their passions and sexuality by the use of their own sexuality.

While within literature, females dominate the witch world, some scholars believe that reality was much different. Matthew W. Dickie, a prominent magic scholar, argues that men were the main casters of love magic. There are a variety of explanations for why the literary world contrasted reality in this area, but a common interpretation is that men were trying to subtract themselves from association. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the American film, see The Love Charm. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

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