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At about 08h40 , we reached a large flat rock area which would be a good spot to have a snack break m. At about 08h50 , we came to a split in the path going left and right.

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The distance at that point was 2. The total hiking time was 01h30m. Rather try and assist you hiking buddies through this section than going it alone. At was at that point that the batteries in my Garmin Etrex died and I realised that the spare batteries were lying on the TV cabinet. That meant that I was not able to record any elevation readings and had to rely on Strava alone for distance and time calculations.

Crib Goch Knife Edge

While we tracked his progress up the other side, we spotted a Himalayan Tahr poking its head out from behind a rock. It was the first time Belinda and I has seen one of these mythical creatures. For ages, we had harboured serious doubts that they actually existed. It was too far away for me to take a photo of it so you are going to have to take my word for it until you see one for yourself. There was a distinct path veering off to the left and there was a less noticeable path off to the right.

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We first went left, but found that scrambling section too dangerous. We decided to backtrack a short distance and followed the path to the right and found the short scramble up that way much easier.

You still need to be sure of your handholds for that section because there are some wet and slippery sections. A good tip to follow over that section is to take one step up the first section on the left hand side and then move across to the right in a straight line and then go straight up. This will make more sense when you are there with the rock face in front of you. At 09h38, we had come around and over the top of the ridge and descended on the other side.

The path was quite overgrown at that point and we had to negotiate our way over a section of scattered boulders. The path then veered off to the left and around the buttress ahead of us. Keep a lookout for several cairns placed on the trail to confirm that you are on the right track.

Running Touch: Walking on a Knife's Edge

Like most rock cairns placed on an uphill route you will most probably only see them when you are at the same height as them or above. Belinda did her best to raise the profile of at least 3 of these cairns that will hopefully make it easier for you to see them from below. Immediately after these 3 cairns, the trail was very steep and difficult to navigate as there were loose stones and mud on the path and we had to squeeze through narrow openings in the tall vegetation. A good tip to help you through that section of the trail is to grab hold of the thin, but sturdy tree trunks next to the path to help to steady you as you climb.

Try not to grab on to the branches or the leaves as you might damage them in the process. At 10h00 , we followed the path around as it hugged the side of the mountain. The path was narrow and positioned right on the edge with a steep drop off to the left. This will be another section of the trail that you would struggle with if you have height issues. This was turning out to be quite a technically difficult hike with some challenging scrambling sections and narrow paths. We were averaging just over a kilometre an hour at that point which should give you an indication of just how challenging the route was.

After the scrambling section, the trail moved around to the left and after a short distance we were climbing again up a steep, muddy path. He saw the numbers and many symbols as threads of ancient knowledge that cropped up in every part of the world if you went back far enough.

Walking a Knife Edge

He believed that there was knowledge among the First Nations of the world that could save the lot of us if he could just uncover, decode it and get it out there to the masses — like I said, even with his flaws, he was a very special man. By which he meant — it is really fucking difficult! And worse yet, you may have to start back at the beginning after you fall off — so there is a lot at stake. Steven Pressfield would say, the only way to even find your true path is to be your true self because only you as your true self can walk your true path.

You see, he had gotten sick a few years before we met and viewed me as the one to finish his path for him. He never really forgave me for that. Your path is yours alone and walking on your true path can only be done by you and that can be very lonely — especially at the most difficult points. The root cause of increased household leveraging is the protracted period of near-zero interest rates which have lulled households around the world into mortgages and consumer debt that they will likely not be able to afford as interest rates rise or the economy slows and job losses occur. Households, particularly in some nations, are walking a debt knife edge, one wrong move and the end result could be extremely painful.

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    I am most concerned about the mounting level of government debt and the lack of political will to solve the problem. Actions need to be taken sooner rather than later when demographic issues will make solutions far more difficult.

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