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Lowe binds the imagery with both list-infused sentences and the retelling of ancient myths.

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Wielding language like a virtuoso, Lowe segues from reality into fantasy and back again. The repetitive words give the sentences punch, like beats in a measure. But it will not twirl, Medusa-like, on its own. Like Hemley, Lia Purpura uses irony, in the form of irony-infused lists, to bring cohesion to imagery in her book On Looking , a collection of lyric meditations about finding beauty in the repulsive and meaning in the commonplace.

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I shall stand. I shall touch. White space both provides visual starkness and separates short passages into prose stanzas while a confessional substructure adds reflection, remaining true to the creative nonfiction form. This is not your traditional grief-stricken elegy. But according to poet D. At the end of the essay, Purpura introduces a poetic volta to add prose reflection.

She slides into fantasy, lyrically describing how she has changed as she relives the autopsy experience during a trip to the supermarket:. But lest the reader think that the autopsy experience has caused Purpura to morph into a mass murderer, she turns again, adding a second volta of reflection:. Annie Dillard is rarely considered a lyric essayist, but For the Time Being is a book-length meditation in the form of a braided essay, a term applied when fragmented images are woven together like threads into a literary tapestry.

Brenda Miller describes this type of lyric essay, one that. Throughout the book, Dillard accretes images into a word fabric splashed with the sensory detail. A decapitated snake, clay men swimming from walls, boiling soup, dust that smells like bone or pie and laughter over courtyard walls—through careful braiding, Dillard expertly brings together unrelated images by pulling threads from the strands—Birth, Sand, China, etc.


Bird-headed dwarfs, a French paleontologist, terra-cotta warriors, an elderly rabbi, a Roman emperor, and a brain damaged Elvis—to name but a few—aggregate into one tapestry. In the following excerpt Dillard applies the framing imagery, then ties the braids into one with reflection:. It swallows you, the way a poem swallows you, until you reside inside it. Try to take it apart and you spin out of control. Written as an epitaph for her brother, Nox is a visual medium consisting of pages folded accordion-style within a sturdy book-like box.

Carson draws on her background—a professor of ancient Greek—to ironically structure a book with an abundance of white space and then title it Nox the ancient Greek personification of the god Night ; Carson covers left sides of pages with clippings from Latin- and Greek-English dictionaries that could easily be read as lists that connect numbered prose segments on the right sides of pages. The following excerpt illustrates this technique.

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There are no page numbers in this book. Carson uses repetition to connect imagery. Other pages are left blank except for a single line of prose—e.

Rather than being a straight narrative, or a straightforward elegy, this lyric essay meanders through unnumbered pages and challenges the reader to find an emotional truth. I often think of the lyric essay as a mysterious sea creature, its structure hydrostatic, like a jellyfish that appears, to the casual observer, to be nonexistent. The lyric essay, a subgenre of creative nonfiction, is a wild thing born of poetry and prose, the prose sentences appearing to wave and dance willy-nilly like tentacles of jellyfish while poetic elements flicker and flash through the sentences like neon luminescence.

Only careful study reveals the muscular structure that propels the lyric essay forward. Sometimes the structures examined are imagery connected by myth, or reflection, or repetition, or a spiraling perspective, or series of lists. But whatever structure the author chooses, the lyric essay is an unconventional journey, an art form that can only be fully appreciated when viewed as a whole, and always a wild ride.

Decades ago, bachelors sported the flower when they went courting. These dark blue flowers grow wild in cornfields and bloom until harvest begins.

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There is no question life was simpler with a man. Simple, I say, not easy. Did I lie? Did I misrepresent myself? But when I met you, the story does not turn fairy tale.

The wanderer in the forest does not stumble upon a gingerbread house, only to open the door to find a sensual Wiccan waiting to shampoo her hair and bring her to climax in front of the fire. It darts, followed by a fine wake of red. The flesh parts, falling away to yellow globules of fat. A stillness settles in my heart and is carried to my hand.

The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript, Volume 2: Introduction

It is the quietude of resolve layered over fear. And it is this resolve that lowers us, my knife and me, deeper and deeper into the person beneath. An arc of the liver shines high and on the right, like a dark sun. It laps over the pink sweep of the stomach, from whose lower border the gauzy omentum is draped, and through which veil one sees, sinuous, slow as just-fed snakes, the indolent coils of the intestine. I must confess that the priestliness of my profession has ever been impressed on me. The refrain modulates through the essay and connects horrifying imagery: They reached for each other and their hands met and they jumped.

Many people jumped. Perhaps hundreds. No one knows. They struck the pavement with such force that there was a pink mist in the air. A kindergarten boy who saw the people falling in flames told his teacher that the birds were on fire. Tiffany Keeling saw fireballs falling that she later realized were people.


But he reached for her hand and she reached for his hand and they leaped out the window holding hands. I keep coming back to his hand and her hand nestled in each other. Their hands reaching and joining are the most powerful prayer I can imagine. I envision a constellation, perhaps, bits stars that looked at long enough produce a coherent figure. The mouth is the primal mind.


Its first epiphany is the synthesis of gimme and food, its first prayer the utterance of mama. These words brim with labial sounds, sounds that bring vibrations to the lips, that coax the lips to open and release their vowels—a e i o u. Here is a weaning story about a little girl and a little boy. The beloved, the object of our desiring, is continually transmuted by our imaginations, one inute a goddess, the next a gorgon. Imagine for a moment a tale of such paradox.

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