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ISBN 13: 9781450553117

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Real Men in Black. Pyramids and the Pentagon. Illuminati 2 : Deceit and Seduction. Henry Makow.

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Progressive Press , 28 Apr - halaman. A depraved satanic cult called the Illuminati is waging a covert war against humanity.

This is the key to understanding mankind's tragic history and current predicament. For over a thousand years, Cabalist money lenders have conspired to usurp power from church and aristocracy, according to a plan detailed in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". This plan does not represent Jews, but only a small cabal of bankers who organised in Masonic secret societies. They intermarried with prominent Gentiles and formend a vast occult and criminal underground. They are stealthily constructing a totalitarian world government behind the facade of democracy.

Taking God's place, secularism is a transition step to their Satanism. They involve nations in needless wars and enthrall the masses with porn, violence, trivia and toys. They attack our sources of identity and love-God religion , family gender , country and race - in order to stymie and dehumanize us. Sounds incredible, but after reading some of these 90 short essays, you'll nod in agreement.

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Their empire is partly based on controlling your mind. If you know the truth they can't. See All Customer Reviews.