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Disabled and those with mental health have suffered greatly under this vicious government, with a death toll in triple figures and a level of treatment that warranted an investigation by the United Nations. Voting brings us nothing but more pain and only when we finally, finally work up the courage to start braying down the doors of Parliament with the demand that the governments stop causing it, will that pain come to an end.

When there are fights in Tescos car parks over basic food stuffs which have either run out or are limited because of disrupted supply chains, and when even the good manufacturing jobs have gone because companies have simply relocated to the EU, and when poles and Romanians decide to fight back rather than endure the abuse, maybe people who voted leave will take seriously the idea that, yes, they will be worse off after brexit. Manufacturing relocate to the e. Makes me chuckle.

I'm an American. But my family came to the US fraudulently.

I can return to the uk tommorrow put a cv out and get 4 job offers in manufacturing within 24 hrs. I can go to france put a cv out, and be struggling to get anything in 6 months. I have lived extensively in Europe and the uk is good for manufacturing jobs. More doom and gloom. Any chasms, sink holes all over the south coast or swarms of locusts in view? Good manufacturing stays in the uk because the uk is good at it. Thats the truth. Ask them, they will tell you. Supply chains can be adapted and this is happening today.

Do you think the companys are waiting fgor t minus 5 to do it?

Seth Wheeler Public records

Yeah yeah yeah the uk will sink without millions of eastern europeans on 5. It is a divided working class, not only because other reports like the JRF suggest so, but also because they would be divided even if they voted all with one single mind. Giving them a voice as the marginalised, in this context, is to assume a unity of the Crown and People. In cities like Liverpool did not happen, there there is a refusal of the racism of the sun. The narrative of The Nation does not apply to the whole working class, as this ethnography at end suggests.

How did LSE academics manage to come up with a survey which defies the laws of supply and demand in the labour market and found that Eastern European migration had minimal effect on workers? Did they take into account the fact that many temporary and agency workers are easy to undercut despite being in a union — and did they differentiate between those in a unionised workplace and those not?

It seems to me that Brexit was about the working class trying to end the free movement sytem that had unemployed, undercut and otherwise undermined many of them. Whilst deindustrialisation has robbed many communities of their sources of employment the EU has allowed for certain new industries and sources of employment to emerge, though for some casualization, low pay and poor conditions are certainly an issue. There is also the point that many of the issues that face the working class, from lack of housing to employment opportunities, will not necessarily be addressed if the UK leaves the EU.

I relocated when when I needed to for work and have re-skilled several times. Virtually none of the repeated slurs on foreigners are true, with many reports saying that there has been only a positive effect on the economy from them. Could there be an element of nationalism involved?

And dare I suggest that Scottish nationalism tends to be benign and pro EU whilst English nationalism does not? The two largest parties in England are not pro EU. Again, that might have something to do with the vote. Such a pity then that there was such a fan of delusion at the head of the Labour Party to assist the establishment with their aims. It would be worth comparing the Scottish working class experience with a similar area that de-industrialised in England and see what the political differences meant for the vote in the referendum?

Immigration taking jobs from the British public.

Bristol University Press

Here is one immigrant from Romania, who sadly died recently. He built up a good business quickly. Could the people who complain about immigration and voted Leave not do the same?

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What is stopping them? Several generations of families thinking they will be housed by their government is a trap. It becomes a family tradition while the rest of us assume absolutely no right to government housing.


My mother raised me and my brother and sister on her own without entering this trap. Instead she found work with tied housing to raise us well. Our Mum was able to retire in her own bungalow bought with cash. Neither did we expect the government to provide us with jobs. We saw deindustrialisation as a direct result of globalization to help raise the living standards of poor people in other countries of this world.

We had no right to deprive them of the opportunity to work with their backs and hands.

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We in developed economies had to develop new competences so our work would add value to data and information; such as it was the IT revolution. Consequently we knew we had to make our own way after leaving school, starting with working where we could afford to live. Getting married and then saving to buy our own homes before we had children. Staying put to get on a housing list and complaining about immigrants and social cleansing may stop us from even thinking that we can make our own way to prosper in this world.

But for some families it became a tradition. Today, as a volunteer computer buddy I help scores of retired folk to learn how to use computers for the first time. They voted Leave too. After reading, I find myself wishing you had spent more time on your story, that interspersing it with disdain for others. And, perhaps, how you squared any possible indebtedness flowing from your tertiary education with your other commitments.

People who are far more interested in communicating with the wider-world than with regrets. After seeing how hard my Mum worked to keep us from relying on government for our housing or our jobs my disdain for those who do may well have shone through; hopefully to inspire others not to be trapped by their deep-rooted expections of government. Careful study of postgrad courses revealled to me that I could enrol in a MSc course for which I was qualified by experience. But I had to pass that course well to prove I could study at that level before the university would accept me studying and reading for an MSc.

So, the system required me to study for two masters before I was awarded one. It was state aided but I had to pay fees because I had worked overseas for over 10 years before in enrolled. By working overseas I also saved enough to buy a small home near the university. But I agree with you that my fellow seniors mainly now want know to learn how to use their computers, phones and tablets to communicate with their distant children, many of whom live overseas.

As my clients understand the wider usefulness of computers many regret their ignoring of the IT revolution. Our trades unions may still solve the first if more of them seize the opportunity and our technology to limit global warming may address the second. For the poor, the capitalists and the customers.

Nor for those who are currently navigating the Mediterranean Sea. Sans cruise ship. To name but 2 of the many groups of losers in globalisation. As for the customers, I have been sending repeated emails to Amazon regarding non-delivery of Christmas gifts, 2 out of 5 of which have not arrived and one of the 2 replacements will, today Saturday, also be classed as missing, it seems. As a certain airline is constantly reminding us. What planet do you live on, I wonder. Have you set foot in a bog-standard thank you Alistair and Tony English state school within the last 40 years, I ask.

So bad I experienced the excellence of my local Maplin store for my Thai-made Wi-fi server and very good it is too. We reward the Thai workers, in this example, who learned and applied new skills so they could bring a better life to their families by adding value to metal, plastic and silicon. We can see why communist China adopted capitalism so the Chinese could learn and work their way out of poverty not necessarily by working for capitalists. Why, with highly predictable consequences, did the NUM fail its members in this regard?

Having to learn lifelong is a fact of life.

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I learned this soon after I qualified as a year old paint sprayer and saw my work boots fall apart after six weeks. Forgive me for not crediting my state education. A better life for all humans instead of just those living in our country, or those who may vote for us, is what I call progressive politics. Okay, if the election was call tomorrow who would I vote for to improve my life and the lives of Romanians simultaneously? Many of us, more than you know, I suspect, have no room for altruism at the ballot box.

Things are fucking desperate here and now.