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This poem is very icarce. In Firenze, per i Giunti, in quarto. The author of thefe two poems was the brother of Luigi Fulci.

Amazooide, di Giovanni Boccaccio. In Fcrrara, per Carneno Agoftini, , in folio. Orlando Furiofo, di Lodovico Ariosto. The moft valued edition is that of Francefco Fran- cefchi, in quarto, becaufe of the cuts by Porro. The foreigners in general think Tasso's Jerufalem the beft poem in our language i but the greateit part of the natives give the firft place to the Orlando Furiofo, and I think them in the.

L' Amadigi, di Bernardo Tasso. In Venezia, per Gabrtello Giolito, , in quarto.

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This poem is a free tranflation of a Spanifh romance, entided AmaJiSj fo much efteemed hj Henry the third king of France, that he placed it in his library between Plato and Arif- torie. Bernardo was father of Torquato TaJJo. II Floridante. Poema non finito, di Bernardo Tasso. In Bologna, , in quarto.

Read PDF Canti, ritratti e teoremi de lo Vil Male (Italian Edition)

In Venczia, per Comin da Trino, 1 , in quarto. L' Avarchide, di Luigi Alamanni. L' Alamanna, di Anton Francefco Oliviero. In Venezia, per Vincenzo ValgriG, , in quarto. This poem is in blank verfe. La Gerufalemme liberata, di Torquato Tasso. Strange perverfion in human na- ture! Aftolfo boriofo, che fiegue lamorne, di Roggicro. Pocma, di Marco Guazzo. La Morte di RMggUro. Ruggierffs Death. V Impvefee Tortvamenti con gl! This is a free tranfla- tion of a Spaoifh romance. In Vcnc- zia, 1 55 J, inquarto.

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This poem was alfo intended as a continuation of Arioftoh Orlando Furiofo. In Vcnczia, , in quarto. Le fei Giornate, di Sebaftiano Erizzo. In Venezia, per il Varifco, , in quarto.


TarffiUo is in great repute in Italy as a poeC. In Viterbo, per Girolamo Difcepoli,. Thispdeni would cope with any one in oar Ita- lian, if MAitjNi had nbt run away with his bverdowirig imagination, and if his language was more corrcft. Lc Vcrgini Prudent! In Fi- renze, pel Sermatelli, , in quarto. In Mantova, , in quarto. This poem is not finilhed. Among the imiutors of Tapy Semprm and Grazuttd hold die firft places. This poem was firft printed in Sicily, and lately at Milan ; but I have forgot the dates.

It is a philofophical poem much admired by the fol- lowers of the Cartefian fyftcm, who were very numerous when the author writ it. Del Parto dclla Vergine, del. Sanazzar6, tra- dotto da Giovan Giolito de Ferrari. In Venezia, preffo i Giollti, ' , in quarto. The Italians have a great number more of Epick poems. The Ww ef. La Secchia Rapita, di Aleflfandro Tassoni. In Modena, per Bartolommeo Soliani, , in quarto. L' Orlandino Pitocco, di Teofilo Folengo. In Vcnezia, per- Gregorio de Gregori, , in odavo.

This poem is one of the beft things we have in the language. The anthor was a painter of reputation. In Roma, per Antonio Facciotti, , in oflavo. Sitemap

In my opinion the author had invention enough, but knew nothing of verfification. This poem. In Fkenze, per gli Eredi di filippo Giunta, , in oAavo. To an Engiiffaman I would recom- mend a modern one, by Comino of Padua. I mufl tell the reader that by the word Rime.

Anna Bolena (Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanca) HD (multisubs)

Petrarch meant Lyrick poetry, and gave the title. His p9eticai fucceflprs adppted the wofd in the fame ligntHcation. Sime da Civo di Piftoja. In Roma, in duodecimo. An excellent old poet. Rime di Bon accorso da Montemagno. Li Cantici del Beato Jacopone da Todi. In Ro- ma, prefib Ipolito Salviano, , in quarto: The above four poets were eminent in their way. Sweetneft and fimpUdty charaderife their verfes. Sonetti e Canzoni, di Matteo Maria Botardo. Thcfc poenis do not fccm to be written with the fame pen that writ'the noble poenf , entitled Orlando Innamorato.

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Poefie di Luca Pulci. In Firenze, , in quartq. Iaft ruined his reputation, and aimoft tfirown his name ntQ oblivion. Rime e Profe, di Gabriel Zinano. Bartoli, without date. Rime Platornche, di Cdfo Gittadini. In Vc- ficzia, , in duodecimo. In Vene- zia, , in odtavo. In Ve- nezia, prefibAldo, , inoftavo.

Antonio Tbbajldeo. In Vjenflzia, per Manfredo de Monferxato, in quarto. Rime, di M. In Vinpgia, ppeflb ilGiolito, , ip f iiodcdmo. Rime e Profe, di Giovanni Dslla Casa. Guidiccioni was an elegant Lyrick poet, and a man of great erudition. Poetry above mediocrity, Scanze Paftorali di Baldaflar Castiglione. Offiigtione'B Ladn poetry is 9 little betttr than his Italian.

Sonetti di Benedetto Varchi. This Farchi was a great, fcholar, and his lan- guage is very pure i but for. In VeneziaJ preflb il Giolito, 1 , in oftavo.

Rime di Luca Contile. In Venezia, per Fran- cefco Sanfovino, , inodavo. Contile acquired much reputation as a poet in his time : now he is but litcle. In Vcnezia, per Aldo, , in o6tavo. SanazTUtro's Arcadia is an account in profe of fome pafloral fcftivals celebrated in Arcadia, ich termixed with fome eclogues and paftorat Tongs, looked upon in Italy to be the beft paftoral poetry we have in the language.