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These four aphorisms, or tenets—also called the four seals—are central to Buddhist philosophy and characterize the Buddhist view of the nature of reality. The Buddha stated that any doctrine characterized by these four seals is genuinely in accord with the philosophical view of Buddhism, just as a document purportedly written by a king that has the proper seals is known as genuine.

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Indian texts speak of the four aphorisms of the Dharma as well as of the four seals. Thus did I hear at one time. What are the four? They are as follows. Retrieved October 12, , from cbeta.

English translation from Chinese. Retrieved October 12, , from fodian. Dutt, Nalinaksha, ed. Patna: K. Jayaswal Research Institute, Edgerton, F. Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary.

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Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, Engle, Artemus B. Tsadra Foundation Series.

Boston: Snow Lion, Grinstead, E. Jamspal, L. Translated from the Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese by L. Jamspal, R. Clark, J. Wilson, L. Zwilling, M.

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Sweet, R. Tanjur Translation Initiative.

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Treasury of Buddhist Sciences Series. Keown, D.