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Posted in: Personal Growth , Uncategorized. The family was hit with tragic news—so unbelievable and unexpected, and particularly difficult for his wife. As the spiritual leader, this husband knew there were steps he must take in order to get his family through the crisis. But his Christian faith was strong. God expects His children to be so confident in Him that in any crisis they are the reliable ones.

If we have been learning to worship God and to trust Him, the crisis will reveal that we will go to the breaking point and not break in our confidence in Him. The more time you spend with Him, the more meaningful your fast will be. When possible, begin and end each day on your knees with your spouse for a brief time of praise and thanksgiving to God. Longer periods of time with our Lord in prayer and study of His Word are often better spent alone.

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A dietary routine is vital as well. Julio C. Ruibal—a nutritionist, pastor, and specialist in fasting and prayer—suggests a daily schedule and list of juices you may find useful and satisfying. Modify this schedule and the drinks you take to suit your circumstances and tastes. When your designated time for fasting is finished, you will begin to eat again. But how you break your fast is extremely important for your physical and spiritual well-being.

I believe through being consistent only then will we start to believe and see the manifestations of God. Thank you, Oyin, for this very helpful comment. You are absolutely right, Debra. Thanks for this important reminder.

I like that your message is down to earth. I also very much like your book suggestions. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

The Simple Guide To Find Your God Given Purpose In Life

One was the notion that even spiritual giants maybe especially spiritual giants experience periods of spiritual dry spells in which they feel God has abandoned them. Thank you so much for visiting, reading, and commenting, Tochukwu! I hope folks will click on the link embedded in your name to read your own take on this important spiritual question.

Blessings to you in your own ministry. Hello Elizabeth God bless you for this good work….. I was depressed, after going through this post have been enlightened. I will make sure I follow the steps if that will draw me closer to God, I just want to be close to God and cast all my cares on Him. We are all one in God, Glory, and keeping our eyes and hearts turned towards Him is the way to growth and enlightenment and peace. But it is not always easy, and as we all know, good, God-fearing men and women can still experience suffering.

Depression is a nasty disease and I hope you are getting the help you need for it. However you are feeling, just know that God is right beside you. Take time to touch bases—yes! I think that is appropriately placed at number one!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, Amy. Thanks for this important perspective. Thank God for the grace, all we need for an intimate relationship with HIM has been made available through grace. We only need to keep growing in consistency, building up an intimate relationship with God.

Seven Steps To Trusting God Pt. 1

Victor, thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I was also glad for you to share your own article. John was alone on Patmos. Jesus went out a great while before it was day to pray alone. Now, if the Lord does it, that's a pretty good example for you and me. You want to see the presence of the Lord? You need to seek after Him, find time. Sometimes somebody said that, that special time with God isn't found, it's made.

In other words, don't hope that you run into that private time, you need to set an appointment with God. It's something you prepare for. Don't forget to request today's life changing free resource. To get your copy of today's free gift, simply call us and ask for the offer number shown on your screen. It's now easier than ever for you to study God's Word with Amazing Facts, wherever and whenever you want and most important, to share it with others. All right, we talked about the preparation, determination, the isolation, now expectation. When you do this, expect that God is going to keep His word, and He's going to speak to you.

So when God calls Moses back on the mountain, He says in Exodus 34, "He cut two tablets of stone like the first ones. And Moses rose early in the morning, and he went up Mount Sinai, as the Lord had commanded him, and he took in his hand the two tablets of stone.

6 Simple Steps To Building A Relationship With God

You're expecting for Me to communicate with you. You're expecting for Me to meet with you. And so he did what he was told. He rose up early in the morning. He goes up the mountain, he's got a prayer in his heart, Lord, please show me Your glory. Now, what does it mean when he came up and God was going to write something for Moses? Where do we want God to write?

Where's the new covenant?

Get e-book 7 Steps To Help You Believe In The Power Of God

It's written on the heart. So when you come, you expect the Lord to write something on your heart. It tells us that "This is the covenant I will make with them after those days, says the Lord: I'll put my law into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them. We bring these tablets and we say, you know, the reason that the Ten Commandments were written on two stones that really represents the dual nature of the law.

When you apply these principles to your life with God, you can expect to see His glorious power and anointing released in you and through you. Let go and let God work. Instead of trying harder, you trust more. Surrendered hearts show up best in relationships. You are not self-serving.

You trust in God to work through those relationships. Jesus placed great emphasis on the Holy Spirit. He actually told the disciples it was better for them that He leaves so they might receive the Spirit. Even in His resurrected body, Jesus can only be in one place at a time. His Spirit, however, can be everywhere.

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This is why Jesus said His departure is to our advantage. He wants all men and women to experience a relationship with Him through the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. And this benefit is just the top of the iceberg. Here, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Helper. By trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, you are getting to know God on earth.